Yesterday was a good day……….

Today is a great day and…………

Tomorrow    WILL BE BETTER!

If you have any resources like doctor’s or hospital’s that
deal with cancers and have helped you or someone you know, please email me with 
their contact information.
If you know any websites or Facebook pages that have helped you or someone you know, please email me that information also.
If you think the information on my website will help someone you know, PLEASE share.   Please include the city and state where you live so the doctors or hospitals can help people in that specific area.  I will also need your full name and email address. They will NOT be visible on my website.

Tom is a member of this wonderful organization.  He has received so much useful information from the nurse who was assigned to him.  I would highly recommend this site.                                                                           American Cancer  Society     1-800-227-2345                                                      

National Cancer Institute       1-800-422-6237                                   

American Institute for Cancer Research     1-800-643-8114               1-703-797-1914                                                                                                                                                                        There is a search box on the top right side.   Type in “anti cancer diet”.  A page comes up that says “12 dietary changes that will lower your cancer risk”.  Please read and learn.                                         







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