Exercise vs cancer

BEFORE you begin any exercise regime, ALWAYS talk to your Oncologist first.

The last thing you want to think about after being diagnosed with cancer – and then going through any treatment – is exercising.  But believe it or not, that is probably what you SHOULD be thinking about.  Almost all cancer survivors have one goal in life……. not allowing their cancer to return.  According to webmd.com exercise and eating the right food can prevent people from getting cancer.   This also is true for those that have gone through cancer treatment.  Exercise and proper diet will reduce the risk of having the cancer come back.  In MY opinion, I think proper diet, like the one listed on my website, is as important as exercise.  Can you imagine doing both!!  It would be an unbeatable combination.

exercise bike 2Talk with your Oncologist and follow his recommendations for when to begin exercising and for what length of time to exercise.  Start small.  Depending on what type of cancer you have, you could ride a stationary bike while listening to your favorite music or watching a tv show.  Before you get tired………. stop.   According to “studies” being done, the benefits of people exercising that have cancer are the same as people that don’t have cancer.  Exercising will make you healthier, fitter, stronger and thinner.  It will improve your mood, boost your self-confidence and reduce fatigue.

Before being diagnosed with Prostate cancer in 2008, my husband was as avid jogger.  He would get up at 5:30 a.m. and jog 3 – 5 miles each morning.  After Prostate cancer, it took a long time for him to heal and get his strength back.  When he was strong enough, he slowly began jogging again.  Unfortunately, one day he cracked a bone in the bottom of his foot so that put an end to jogging.   Tom exercises now (after the CLL diagnosis) by walking our dogs for 30 minutes each morning or at night.  He also goes to the gym 3 times a week for a 60 minute or longer workout.  When he gets tired, he stops that exercise and goes on to another one.


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