Sami’s bakery

Sami’s is an amazing bakery.  Most of the baked goods they sell my husband can eat.  The store is located in Tampa, Florida so if you don’t have one near you in your state, you can order on line at

Below is a list of the baked goods they sell made with millet and flaxseed or just millet (gluten free).  Their breads are very tasty and soft.  Sami’s has many other choices like a regular bakery, and many spanish treats etc, but none that my husband can eat.


plain bread          pumpkin bread           Italian bread

plain chips          cinnamon          BBQ          Italian herb          garlic

plain bagels          onion          cinnamon          berry

spinach pie          *spinach and cheese pie

plain lavash          sundried tomato lavash          spinach lavash    

plain croutons          herb croutons                                                                     

pizza crust          hamburger buns          hot dog buns

plain dinner rolls          Italian dinner rolls

hoagie rolls  (4/6/18 – Sami’s just started making these.  They are the best gluten free rolls I have EVER tasted.)

**chocolate chip cookies (nut free, but not caffeine free)


plain bread          sourdough          cinnamon          banana nut


* he can’t eat dairy product
** he can’t have chocolate because of the caffeine and it’s not sugar-free.








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