Vitamin C – powerful antioxidant

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Vitamin C is a VERY powerful antioxidant.    It ‘captures’ free radicals (that destroy healthy cells) and neutralizes them.   It also helps your body absorb iron.  Vitamin C is water soluble which means the body doesn’t store it.  It needs to be  replaced every day with fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.  Tom eats a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day but he also takes an allnatural vitamin C supplement.  On one of the many websites I was researching,  many said that you should get 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day.  Don’t just take a supplement though.  Fresh foods rich in vitamin C will also contain fiber, iron, vitamins and minerals.  Your body needs all that to help fight the cancer.

Vitamin C is very sensitive to air, water and temperature.  If you steam vegetables you will lose 25% of the vitamin C.  If you boil vegetables for 10 – 20 minutes they lose over 50% of the vitamin C.  When fruits and vegetables are canned and then reheated they lose over 65% of the vitamin C.  The best way to retain 100% of the vitamin C in fresh fruits and vegetables is to eat them in their natural state…..raw. (1)

Be cautious which vitamin C you buy.  Most sold in stores is not “REAL” vitamin C.
Look on the nutrition label and you’ll probably see the words, “vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)”.  That is not vitamin C.  Ascorbic acid is an isolated nutrient that is only PART of the real vitamin C but it isn’t the whole vitamin C.  It is only one of the many nutrients that make up the complete vitamin C molecule.
The complete vitamin C molecule contains P, K and J factors, the tyrosinase enzyme, at least 14 known bioflavonoids, many ascorbigens, five copper ions, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium and ascorbic acid.  Ascorbic acid would be the shell surrounding the pill. (2)

Antioxidants are phytochemicals, vitamins and nutrients that prevent free radicals from destroying healthy cells.   They are compounds that neutralize free radicals and stop the chain reaction of forming new free radicals.  In other words, antioxidants kill free radicals.  The more fresh foods you eat that are high in antioxidants, the better ableour body is to fight the cancer cells.

Make sure you eat the skin of any fruits with an edible skin.  90% of all the nutrients are in the skin.    The following list does NOT include frozen or canned fruit.  Most of the vitamin C would be lost during processing.  Any fruit (and the vegetables below) with  #  next to it has between 50 mg – 100 mg of vitamin C per cup or per fruit.  Any fruit with  ##  next to it has over 100 mg per cup or per fruit.   The fruit with the highest amount of vitamin C (over 1,000 mg) is rosehip.  There are several other fresh fruits that contain vitamin C but I have only listed the fruits with the highest mg of vitamin C per cup or per fruit.                 
# blackberries                                                                                                     blueberries                                                                                                                        # cantaloupe                                                                                                          gooseberries                                                                                                        # grapefruit                                                                                                                         ## guava                                                                                                                       honeydew melon                                                                                                             ## kiwi,  yellow                                                                                                                   # kiwi,  green                                                                                                          lemon                                                                                                                            lime                                                                                                                                   ## oranges
# papaya                                                                                                                             ## pineapple                                                                                                                   plum                                                                                                                                    pricklypear                                                                                                                        ## pummelo                                                                                                                  raspberries                                                                                                                        ## rosehip, cooked                                                                                         ## strawberries                                                                                                         # tangerine                                                                                                                         # watermelon   

FRESH VEGETABLES HIGH IN VITAMIN C:                                                             asparagus                                                                                                                         ## bell peppers                                                                                                                  # broccoli                                                                                                                           # brussel sprouts                                                                                                              # cabbage (raw)                                                                                                       # cauliflower                                                                                                                      # hot chili peppers                                                                                                            # mustard greens                                                                                                              # red cabbage                                                                                                          romaine lettuce                                                                                                                # rutabagas                                                                                               sweet potato                                                                                                                       turnip greens                                                                                                                

(2) The vitamin C conspiracy

I heard a Chinese proverb by Confucius that I had to share.   “Don’t be afraid of going slow………..Just be afraid of stopping“.  It loosely translates to……..NEVER GIVE UP.     No matter how long or hard the fight is…………………Never lose hope!!  NEVER GIVE UP!!































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