Q & A about alkaline water

alki drinking-waterWHY DRINK IONIZED (ALKALINE) WATER:  Alkaline water gives your cells, muscle tissue & organs lots of oxygen.  Alkaline water is considered a “liquid” antioxidant.  It is absorbed into the body and rehydrates it quickly, which makes the antioxidants more effective and powerful.   We have become a society of fast food restaurants, processed foods, sugary drinks and high carb foods.  This diet is extremely acidic as is tap water & any brand of bottled water.  The acid waste in that type of diet builds up in our bodies over time and creates the perfect environment for diseases to grow.  Keeping an alkaline pH will help get rid of these acid wastes from our bodies.  Diseases can’t exist in an alkaline (or oxygen rich) environment.

CAN I DRINK ALKALINE WATER TO TAKE MY MEDICATIONS:     NO!    Do not drink alkaline water 30 minutes before and up to 2 hours after taking medications.  The small micro-cluster size of the water will penetrate the cells of your body very quickly and may interfere with the prescribed absorption rate of  the medication.  Instead, you should drink ‘neutral’ filtered water with a pH level of 7.0.

WHAT ARE MICRO-CLUSTERS:  Water molecules come in clusters.  Tap water has very large clusters (10-13 molecules per cluster).  Alkaline water reduces the cluster to a smaller size (5-6 molecules per cluster).   This smaller size molecule makes it easier for our cells to absorb them to rehydrate our bodies very quickly.

CAN I DRINK ALKALINE WATER WITH MEALS:    NO!   Do not drink alkaline water 30 minutes before and up  to 1 1/2 hours after you eat.  Your stomach needs the acid to digest the foods you eat and if you drink alkaline water with your meals, it will slow down that process.  The best time to drink alkaline water is as soon as you wake up in the morning.  The water absorbs best, into your system, when your stomach is empty.  Than you should continue to drink it throughout the day, just not at meal times.  You should drink  the ‘neutral’ filtered water with a pH level of 7.0 with meals.

HOW LONG DOES ALKALINE WATER STAY IONIZED:  The antioxidants will last approximately  18 –  24  hours.  The pH (8.5) will last approximately one week & will return to a neutral pH level of 7.0 within 2 weeks. Alkaline water should be stored in a glass container in the refrigerator.  The chemicals from a plastic container will leach into the water.

WHO SHOULD DRINK ALKALINE WATER & HOW DO I START:  Almost anyone can drink alkaline water.   Human or animal, old or young.  I have read conflicting articles about what setting you should drink alkaline water.  Some suggest staying at 8.5, others say to gradually go to 9.5 and stay there.  I suggest you drink alkaline water at it’s lowest setting of 8.5 & stay there.  Drink 1 to 3 glasses a day between meals.
No two people are alike.  It could take weeks or  even month’s for your body to become used  to  alkaline water. If you start getting headaches or feel nauseated, cut back on the water intake during the day.  People who are sick, have fragile  health, the elderly and people who are very acidic may have to take it very slow.

WHO SHOULD NOT DRINK ALKALINE WATER:  Children under 3 years of age.  They should drink the ‘neutral’ filtered water with a  pH level of 7.0. This will remove the chlorine & other toxins in the tap water without making it alkaline.  Children 4 – 12 years should drink alkaline water at level 8.5.

ARE THERE SIDE EFFECTS TO DRINKING ALKALINE WATER:  Normal (& healthy) side effects of drinking alkaline water could be:  headaches, fatigue, muscle aches or a runny nose.  Also, your stool may  appear darker, softer or more odorous and you may have gas.  Actually, these side effects are a good sign.  It shows that the alkaline water is detoxifying your body and the micro-clustered water is penetrating deep into your tissues and is getting rid of the acid waste & toxins.  Side effects will stop as soon as your body is used to the water; usually between 1 – 3 weeks.

CAN YOU COOK WITH ALKALINE WATER:   Cooking with alkaline water helps hydrate the food and bring out its natural flavor.  Alkaline water is much smoother tasting than regular tap water because of the  micro clusters.  It makes delicious coffee, tea and juice.

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